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About Me
Fairy is your average fangirl who has found an immense passion towards all things Japanese. She likes to take pictures, photoshop, shop, get excited over nothing and is positively flaily. In real life, Fairy is actually a girl who likes her quiet alone time to read or write or watch some tv. When she goes out with friends, she prefers to enjoy food and spend time chatting aimlessly about any and everything. She's completely sane except for the occasional storm cloud that looms around her; at that point she's being her pessimistic self.

Fairy is recently completely absorbed in the world of Johnny's Jimusho and all things Japanese. Before her JE/NEWS phase, she was a big fan of Tenimyu the stage musical (with the second cast) as well as idol dramas of all sorts. But Fairy is not a Japanese girl and therefore has other interests as well. She loves TVB dramas from Hong Kong and cantopop as well. She listens to rock and pop music from American artists so sometimes she might not only be fangirling over JE and Japan. Besides fangirling, she loves to tinker on photoshop and produce random graphics that you'll find lying around her livejournal. She's also into writing stories and reading them. There isn't just one thing Fairy is crazy for so go ahead and spam her. She'll probably keysmash right back at you.

This Here LiveJournal
This livejournal was created a long time ago for an Asian forum called The Media Lounge. However, that forum has "died" and so had the livejournal. With the beginning of the 2008 year, Fairy has returned to use this livejournal for her new obsession--NEWS. Fairy became a NEWS fangirl closely following the release of Weeeek in November of 2007. From then on, her craziness has expanded into her spamming people on livejournal communities. Since she cannot remember the exact date with which she joined the fandom, she declares that December 1st will be her semi-official date for her entrance into the world of NEWS (or at least Yamapi and Ryo-chan). Of course, with time, Shige and Massu have slowly replaced Pi and Ryo. Because they are magical like that. This lj is friends-only. If you would like to get to know her more, feel free to leave Fairy a message. :] If you want a glimpse into Fairy's fandom craze, go check out her tumblr!

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